Unlock the power of

email signature marketing.

Create Customer Engagement

Build your brand with well-designed email signatures.  Brand every email you send externally and internally to deliver targeted messages.

Achieve brand consistancy.  Automate each campaign. Track every engagement.

Email signature management powered by Rocketseed.


Loved by Marketing. Trusted by IT.

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Email Signature Solutions For All Departments

Different departments may have different priorities.

Sales & Marketing

Run targeted campaigns to drive sales. Drive traffic to your website and social media channels. Generate new leads, up-sell and cross-sell.

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Complete control to manage your companies email signature.  Creating a company wide brand consistancy.  Complete compatibility.

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Customer Services

Evaluate your customer service through one-click customer experience surveys and receive real-time engagment alerts.

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Improve your internal comms.  Create employee engagement through interactive campaigns.  Share company news.  Promote brand values.

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Rocketseed Is Your Most Cost-effective Marketing Vehicle

Add value to your brand and create digital awareness

  • 85% of business communication is done via email.
  • On average an employee sends over 10,500 emails a year.
  • The email method is the most opened and trusted communication tool.
  • An opportunity to market to your customers and prospects.
  • Official, uniformed email signatures.