DNS Network Protection

Download, install, scan, and detect faster than you can boot up a PC running conventional security software

DNS Network Protection stops up to 90% of web-borne malware at the domain layer, so it never reaches your network.

Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection offers a quick, straightforward, and highly effective way to prevent everyday web usage from becoming a major security risk.

Not only do businesses need to secure their networks and endpoints against the risks of uncontrolled we usage – they must also protect users from a variety of unwanted Web intruders, including phishing sites and botnets – preventing malicious activities that can threaten your network.

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Stop malware before it enters your network

Internet sensors
IP addresses
File behaviour records
  • Stop up to 90% of malware – Protect your DNS connections over Wi-Fi to block threats at the domain layer, before they reach your customers and guests.
  • Enforce policies – Filter access to malicious, suspicious, or otherwise unwanted websites—such as Adult, Gambling, Streaming, Shopping, and more—using 80 URL categories.
  • Enable policies by group, device, IP – Control internet usage for your users using pre-configured and custom policies by group, device or network.
  • Skip the hardware – 100% cloud-based, secure, and resilient service takes just minutes to set up. Protect users on your guest Wi-Fi networks against cyber-attacks.
  • Get granular visibility – Oversee all internet access and fine-tune Wi-Fi access policies to find the ideal balance between your users’ needs and network security.
  • Protect any device – Regardless of operating system, any device that connects to your Wi-Fi will benefit from a secure connection and protection from DNS threats.
  • Enhance your web security – In this day and age, even HTTPS/SSL sites can be risky. DNS Protection for Guest Wi-Fi provides coverage for all connections, even encrypted ones.
  • Improve user experience – With virtually no latency, you can create appropriate access policies and DNS bypasses for approved domains to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Boost performance – Global hosting and automatic traffic redirection mean Wi-Fi protection is always available. Each node handles up to 35 billion requests per second.
  • Get detailed reports on-demand – Drill down into reports on all threats the business would’ve been susceptible to without DNS Protection in place and get full visibility into risk and usage.