Email Filtering

Email Security – Advance Threat Protection

Email remains one of the most challenging entry points for organisations to defend as attackers shift and develop new techniques to evade defences.

ITWORX, utilises industry-leading threat intelligence combined with cutting-edge technology to protect customers from all known, and unknown attacks.

More Zero-Day Attacks Detected than the Rest of the Security Industry Combine

untilised fileless techniques
of successful cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email
  • Virtual Matrix Detonation – Attachments and linked landing pages are detonated in a cross-matrix of systems, identifying never-before-seen exploits and malware.
  • Advanced URL Defence – Extensive inspection & analysis of all links within email and the behaviour of their landing pages, including URLs embedded in password protected attachments.
  • Impersonation Detection – CEO Fraud Algorithms & Content Analysis Protection against “Looks-Like” & “Sounds-Like” versions of your domain Friendly Username & Display Name Detection Reply-to-Address & Message Header Analysis.
  • Newly Existing Domains (NED) – Real-Time Blacklists (RBLs) rely on new domain registration lists published by the registrars. These lists are usually released every other day, leaving a 24-48-hour window where new domains are unknown to RBLs and the spam filters that use them. Cyber-criminals exploit this by launching email attacks immediately after registering a new domain. The ‘NED’ look-up allows The Email Laundry to identify domains registered in that period, enabling detection of even the first email in a new attack.