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What is email security?

Technology that protects individuals and organisations email accounts and content against unauthorised access, inspecting inbound email for malicious threats and securing outbound email traffic to protect mailboxes and data from cyber-attacks.

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Problem – why do businesses need email security?

Email is a critical tool for business communication and is relied on more than ever which is why email security must be a top priority for all businesses as email-based attacks continue to be an easy entry point for cybercriminals.

Threats like email fraud, phishing, spam, and other malware come in a variety of forms and are classic, successful ways for cyber criminals and fraudsters to steal credentials, such as account numbers, passwords, usernames, and other valuable information, relying on victims to click on links, download documents, or carry out other actions.  This can lead to breaches that could cost millions of Pula and damage to your reputation or worse risk of going into administration.


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Email Filtering

Total email security that filters all the junk people don’t want. CloudFilter delivers full-stack protection from annoying spam and crippling email-based ransomware and phishing attacks in a way that’s effective, efficient, and easy to use.

  • Accurate email filtering – Icon-based scoring indicators clearly communicate various levels of safety.

  • Detailed analytics – Quickly see why an email was held and determine if the sender is trustworthy.

  • Powerful policy enforcement – Build and customize rules manually, from templates, or through regular expressions.


Email Hosting 

CloudMail lets partners offer an affordable yet robust option. CloudMail is our business-class email which includes contacts and calendar features. It can be accessed from the webmail console, or via standard syncing options.

  • Email security included – Security is seamlessly integrated so there’s nothing to install or maintain.

  • Massive 25 GB mailboxes – You’ll never have to worry about getting those “inbox full” messages!

  • Flexible access options – Email from any client via POP3/IMAP, or from our sleek webmail console.


Email Compliance 

​Prevents spam proliferation and keeps damaging or sensitive data from being leaked via email. SafeSend expands beyond CloudFilter’s outbound filtering by giving greater control over outbound email traffic with custom content rules and more.

  • Enforces sending policy – If a bad email is sent, SafeSend email security stops it and notifies the sender.

  • Blocks attachments – Stop sensitive information or file leaks from slipping out undetected.

  • Protects reputation – Prevent embarrassing spam from being sent from within.


Email Continuity

​Think of this like a spare tire for an email server. With XtraMail, people benefit from having 24/7 access to affordable, always on, backup email. When their normal email servers go down, users can login to XtraMail to keep emailing from the same address.

Low cost – Offer your customers peace of mind for an amazing price that won’t turn them away.

  • Always on – There’s nothing to activate during an outage, so you get zero-delay continuity.

  • 30-day backup – Sent and received email is backed up and stored for a month before being purged.


Email Archiving

​Hassle-free cloud-based email archiving with absolutely no storage and retention limits! SecureStore keeps businesses legal and safe by storing copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Users and managers can access the mail archive anytime to search and send stored mail.

  • Affordable – Email storage solution saves money from the start with no hardware or software to install or maintain.

  • Quick deployment – We’ve streamlined the setup process so you’re good to go with business email archiving in 20 minutes or less.

  • Easy to use – Intuitive interface is a snap to get around in with fast, accurate, reliable search.


Email Encryption

​Easy to use email encryption with no plugins or apps. Bracket has turned using email encryption from dread to delight. Just wrap brackets around the [subject] in any email client on any device, and Bracket handles the rest.

Bracket now includes Share, our secure file transfer service, for every user at no additional cost.​

  • Higher security – Messages are encrypted using AES-256 standards and geographically distributed keys.

  • Fewer support tickets – No more lost passwords! Fool-proof sign-in mails you a secure, expiring link.

  • Unrivaled flexibility – Send secure encrypted email and safely transfer files from any email app or web browser.


Cyber criminals continue to use this method as emails provide a unique identity to every user and it’s easier to trick someone into clicking a malicious link.

Contact us today for an affordable, effective solution to block threats and unwanted emails.

Our products cover all three comprehensive pillars: email security, email privacy, and email encryption.